Advances in Native South American Historical Linguistics

July 17-18, 2006

The Symposium "Advances in Native South American Historical Linguistics," which will take place during the 52nd International Congress of Americanists, will gather experts in the historical study of native South American languages, in order to present new findings, assess the present situation, and outline perspectives of future developments in this field of linguistics.

Fifteen papers will be presented, representing a geographic area spanning from the Amazon to Tierra del Fuego and dealing with topics such as areal linguistics, reconstruction of proto-languages, long-range genetic relationships, dialectology, and the diachronic explanation of synchronic irregularities. Here you will find information on the Symposium's program and abstracts (also available as a pdf document).

Coordinators :

J. Pedro Viegas Barros
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
peviegas2003 @
Eduardo Rivail Ribeiro
University of Chicago & Museu Antropológico/UFG
Goiânia, Goiás, BRAZIL
kariri @